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Mini Cuties Set (A Set Of Four 4 Inch Shortcakes)

Mini Cuties Set (A Set Of Four 4 Inch Shortcakes)

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Product Description

A set of any our four mini 4 Inch cakes with the choices of:


1 x Strawberry Shortcake and

1 x Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Shortcake

1 x Brown Sugar Earl Grey Shortcake


1 x Fresh Pomegranate Sakura Shortcake

1 x Fresh Seasonal Mixed Fruit Shortcake

1 x Premium Matcha Yuzu White Chocolate Shortcake

Important Notification

4 Inch (10cm Ideally sharing between 4-5ppl)
6 Inch (16cm Ideally Sharing between 6-8ppl)
8 Inch (21cm Ideally Sharing between 8-12ppl)

Please note that all the ingredients used in our cakes are halal certified.

Please note that due to the nature of the production, our products may contain the following Allergens - dairy, egg, black sesame, hazelnut, gelatin, alcohol and fruit etc. Please check with our team if you have any questions in regards to these Allergens.

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