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Fresh Mandarin Swiss Roll

Fresh Mandarin Swiss Roll

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Product Description

🍊Heavenly delicacy that combines the lightness of chiffon sponge with a luscious filling of Mandarin jam and velvety Chantilly cream. Adorned with whole Mandarin and crowned with fresh Mandarin zest, this indulgent treat captures the essence of citrusy perfection in every bite 💛

Important Notification

4 Inch (10cm Ideally sharing between 4-5ppl)
6 Inch (16cm Ideally Sharing between 6-8ppl)
8 Inch (21cm Ideally Sharing between 8-12ppl)

Please note that all the ingredients used in our cakes are halal certified.

Please note that due to the nature of the production, our products may contain the following Allergens - dairy, egg, black sesame, hazelnut, gelatin, alcohol and fruit etc. Please check with our team if you have any questions in regards to these Allergens.

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